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  I give individual guitar lessons in Brussels (1070). I have been teaching guitar since 2003. My musical styles include classical, jazz, rock, folk and gypsy jazz. I am also able to teach specific techniques and styles such as picking-blues or typical Latin styles (Bossa Nova amongst others). All ages and levels are welcome. Every student becomes a project in his own right. I provide all sheet music and all necessary audio material in the form of digital files over the internet. 

Guitar lessons in Brussels

Integrated Music Theory

The music theory is not a compulsory and distinct lesson. It is taught alongside instrument tuition in a “comprehensive” package. If needed or required, individual lessons are also flexible enough to concentrate on certain more specific aspects such as sight-reading, composition, improvisation, arrangement, jazz harmony, classical harmony …

Beginner ?

The guitar course is diverse and depends on which type of guitar one chooses. There are quite a lot of different guitar types on the market and each type comes with its specific styles and techniques; the one is played with the fingers, the other is played with a ‘pick’. It is of course also possible to choose for a combination of styles.

Which guitar should I buy?

This depends of course on your personal taste and style preference. But, be very much aware that the market is flooded with guitars of disputable quality. Contact me for a free try-out lesson before rushing to the music store. I will advice you also for the purchase of the guitar that should fit you the best. Feel free to contact me !

Training for Professionals

A lot of active professional musicians have been trained too unilaterally, often towards only one musical style, and are therefore constrained in their further musical evolution. I offer them the opportunity to expand their knowledge so as to allow them to explore new musical horizons.

Subscriptions are possible at any time of the year. Please contact me for more information and my prices. The first lesson of an hour is FREE OF CHARGE. This first contact allows us to define, with you, the project that is best fit for you. Lessons can be followed in English, Dutch or French.